iPhone 8

iPhone 8: Are We Ready To Handle The Excitement Yet

iPhone 8 - Are We Ready To Handle The Excitement Yet

It’s not been long since the iPhone7  was made available to the world. Just within the span of half year, we have starting to get the rumors and news of brand new version of iPhone-The iPhone8.

We know that Apple is known for bringing the class and elegance into the smartphone domain. Be it cordless ear plugs or dual primary camera, Apple has significantly encapsulated them their simple but seamless design. So what can be the new update in much anticipated phone by American smartphone giant?

2K17 is the 10th anniversary of the flagship product of Apple.

So, these can be the new features added to make this classy phone even more exciting :

  • Transparent Screen

    Even since the size of the smartphone has crossed the barrier, tech-maniacs are waiting to have a transparent screen smart phone in their hand. The wait of such users might come to an end with new iPhone8. The engineers at Apple Inc are working hard to bring the dream of see-through phone into reality.

  • All-Glass Casing

    Although this feature is not new for the California based tech-mammoth, but Apple is planning to bring back the All-Glass Casing back into iPhone8. This feature was introduced in iPhone4 and 4S. However, this may concern many Apple lovers because, back in days there were many complaints about the durability of the handset as the glass casing would not sustain even a minor drop. But, it’s Apple and will come out with some magnificent solution.

  • Curved OLED Screen

    Apple is on the verge if quitting their standard LCD screen and is about to try new OLED screen in their next model of iPhone.

  • Size

    The new iPhone8 shall be a massive 5.8inch smartphone which shall be loaded with ultra high-definition screen (UHD). This size shall enhance your gaming and video streaming experience.

With all these features, iPhone 8 may be the next king of smartphones. However, there is confirmed news about at all about the actual features or the launch of this phone.

So, let’s just wait for the official words from Apple Inc for the launch of this amazing and highly anticipated smartphone. And for more updates you can click here.



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